Current Members

Post-Doctoral Researchers

  1. Dr Haichao Gui, Research Topic: Estimation and Control of Space Systems
  2. Dr Lei Liu, Research Topic: Robust and Precise Navigation of Aerospace Vehicles
  3. Dr Seyed Hossein Mousavi, Research Topic: Control of Aerospace Systems

Graduate Students

  1. Michael Alger (Ph.D. candidate), September 2016 – Present, Thesis Title: Magnetic Attitude Control of Spacecraft
  2. Emily Gleeson (M.A.Sc candidate), September 2016 – Present, Thesis Title: TBD
  3. Min Adhikari (Ph.D. candidate), January 2015 – Present, Thesis Title: Real-Time Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance for Unmanned Aerial Systems
  4. Alexander Frias (Ph.D. candidate), September 2012 – Present, Thesis Title: Fault Tolerant Attitude Control of Underactuated Spacecraft
  5. Long Tran (M.A.Sc candidate), September 2013 – Present, Thesis Title: Spacecraft Attitude Determination Using Unconventional Measurements
  6. Dante Bolatti (Ph.D. candidate), September 2014 – Present, Thesis Title: Coupled Orbital/Asteroid Dynamics Around Asteroids

Undergraduate Students

  1. Oluwatayo Shonibare